The CLI TRI App is an application for mobile phones and tablets and covers the most important aspects of a clinical trial in a very easy and clear structure.

With our expertise we are concentrated on the needs of our clients because each trial has its own challenges.


The CLI TRI App is conceived trial specific to provide the best time saving, effective and practical solutions in particular for the operational staff working at the sites (investigator, study coordinator, study nurse etc.) and the CRAs.


Project Management

Study coordinator


Study nurse, etc.

Line Management



Clinical trials are very comprehensive and complex. Various departments, parties and vendors are involved to meet the project milestones. Many regulations, guidelines and rules need to be followed to perform the clinical trials appropriately.

The operational staff conducting the trials are very busy. Therefore, we have developed the CLI TRI App to facilitate the work of particularly the site staff and CRAs.


With our long-term expertise in clinical research, we are providing solutions for effective working in the conduct of clinical trials on a mobile device-based platform.

CLI TRI Solutions is collaborating with CRA Managers, CRAs, Project Managers and other experts to discuss the challenges in clinical trials. Our main focus is the most common audit and inspection findings and issues experienced in the practical conduct of the clinical studies.



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